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One Power Readers Sunglasses – Round/Tortoise

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Take your One Power Readers outdoors with One Power Readers Sunglasses!

With One Power Readers Sunglasses, there’s no fixed power, so you only need one pair of glasses for any activity. Every pair custom-corrects your up-close vision to give you the just-right individual strength you require at any given time. You can wear them anywhere and switch focus between closer and farther objects without changing glasses – you only need one pair of glasses! They’re perfect for tying fishing lines, working in the garden, close-up outdoor home improvement projects, and more.

Whether you need .5 power, 2.5 power, or somewhere in between, One Power Readers give you a just-right custom correction for precise up-close vision. You can even wear them over your contacts.

The secret is Flex Focus Optic science. This technology designs each lens with a range of different corrections. Your eye automatically looks through the lens and finds the right spot where the correction is right for you, so you can focus and read clearly.

Plus, they’re made to last with durable spring hinges. Get these One Power Readers Sunglasses in tortoise with round frames.


First Pair $14.99 – Additional Pairs Only $7.99 Each!

One Power Readers Sunglasses – Round/Tortoise


Bridge Size: 18 mm
Temple Length: 138 mm
Width: 140 mm
Height: 42 mm


  • Corrects From .5 to 2.5 Power
  • Read the Small Print of Your Books on the Beach – No Changing Glasses
  • Adjusts to Different Strengths Depending on Your Need
  • Durable, Made-to-Last Spring Hinges
  • Share the Same Pair – Corrects for Almost Anyone

One Power Readers Manual

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